An exhibition about the future of archiving

In a world that’s becoming more digital every day the distance between image creator and image user has faded away. Through social media, online portfolios, and digitalized image catalogues the images are easily accessible for millions of people. But what are the consequences of this portal between image and viewer? That’s a question that the graphic industry has to keep in mind nowadays. Not only during the working process but also while archiving.

From private collection to national archive, all design archives are looking for the most durable and accessible way to extend the lifetime of an image. The exhibition archive live was formed out of this theme.

The ‘SUGAR FREE’ project as well as 31 other projects was part of archive live.

The work is only accessible upon request and will be shown on 3 screens in the projection room. The creation process of the work can be viewed any time and is stored in the archive folder on the shelves.

Steven de Breet 2019