An archive, built to expand my interests and train my skills.

Collecting images has always been a passion of mine and for the last 3 years I started putting these images together.

It started with an empty classroom and around 400 images from magazines, newspapers, etc. I spread them all out on the floor and started categorizing. During this process I noticed a lot of connections between images that I didn’t know even know would catch my interest. This changed the way I was collecting and with these new subjects in mind I collected different kinds of images. By repeating this process, the database increased quite rapidly and so did the subjects.

The database increases every day and I will keep this page updated with new categories.

The database currently contains

+-2500 image
76 categories
13 categories digitalized

Nude                                            05/10/2019

Human x nature                          06/08/2019

Architecture                                04/09/2019

Atelier                                          07/08/2019

See-trough                                   10/09/2019

Portraits                                       10/09/2019

Animal                                         10/10/2019

Product                                         06/09/2019

All together                                   05/09/2019

Drugs                                           01/09/2019

War                                               01/10/2019

Old x new                                    30/08/2019

Texture                                         10/09/2019


Steven de Breet 2019