A typographic visualization of Jack van Gelder’s commentary during the Netherlands versus Spain football game at the 2014 Brazil World Cup

After losing the 2010 World cup final in South-Africa to Spain, the Dutch were determined to get revenge when they drew them in the next world cup in Brazil in 2014. The game started and Jack van Gelder - a Dutch sports commentator famous for his commentary of Dennis Bergkamp’s goal against Argentina in 1998 - guided us through the game.

What Jack didn’t know, was that he was going to report on something incredible, maybe one of the greatest matches of football ever played by the Dutch team. 27 minutes into the game, the Netherlands were 0-1 down after a penalty by Xabi Alonso. Robin van Persie tied the game with an outstanding header a minute before half-time. In the second half football fans witnessed something truly remarkable, the Netherlands annihilated Spain scoring 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 and eventually the 1-5 as well. During this process of Spain’s humiliation, Jack went completely berserk and not just him. The whole nation couldn’t believe their eyes. After every goal we scored, Jack was screaming louder and louder, bringing us back to the historic game against Argentina in ‘98. Jack’s commentary when Arjen Robben scored the 1-5, may be just as legendary as his “Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Bergkamp!, DENNIS BERGKAMP, DENNIS BERGKAMP!, DENNIS BERGKAMP!, DENNIS BERGKAMP!, DENNIS BERGKAMP!, OHOOHOHOHOHO.

Steven de Breet 2019